We start our history in 2003 by accident , when into my house “came” CANE CORSO female, named – SHIVA. She was given to me in the moment of my big sadness when i put down my First German Shepherd… as a cure for hard breaking pain. She was my lovely pet, never breed, spay at 4 years old…. She died at the age of 11 in 2014. 

Shiva <3

I used to own German Shepherds , I help a lot for shelters and animal rescue . Also I was a foster home for Rottweilers and Pit Bulls . So as you see I spend many years with other breeds , but when I first meet a Cane Corso in 2003 , my heart stay with them. Shiva show me how smart and loyal can be Cane Corso, how good guard dog is she and how much she is devoted to me. She got only one owner… ONLY ONE, Even during the socialization time , she meet many people , she was always loyal only to me.

JONES , Great Cane Corso Italiano , We based on dogs that have him in pedigree.

Our second female was GENUA/ ATE she is our foundation female. We selected her because of her parents and great pedigree. We searching for a great female more then year, till we find her. During this year we study the breed standard and all top kennels in Europe. We create our breeding program which is basic on very OLD BLOODLINE. Our foundation dogs pedigree got grandparents older then 10 years … we go over all this “NEW GENERATION” with hypertipe corso look like boxers. No small corso which are light and have nothing to do with older bloodlines dogs selected to work so hard on farm, protection and fight… cane corso history is what inspire us to breed them and collect only the best and oldest pedigree in our breeding program. We have litter three to five times a year. Time with puppies is most wonderful time but is also most busy time. I do not understand breeding if you do not show . I just don’t. Wouldn’t a breeder want to show off his/her results? It’s any kennel’s pride – a home-bred champion! But breeding just to breed? Breeding companion dogs? What is companion dog breeding if all dogs, champions or not champions, were designed by nature, by evolution to be a man’s best friend and companion. Shows are not just for those crazy owners to go run around the ring with their dog. It’s a breeder’s assesment, an exam. A breeding that didn’t produce worthwhile dogs for future selection and showing is a step back for any breeder, it’s lost opportunities. And with a short breeding life of our companion dogs, such mistakes have a huge impact on any breeder’s program. You can’t compare us to anyone else involved in raising Cane Corso in the United States. There are hundreds of backyard breeders breeding without even knowing what they breed. There are dozens of commercial breeders breeding for the sake of money. Then there are hundreds of show kennels breeding for conformation… quite often overlooking the working abilities of the breed. Then there are a few dozen kennels breeding working dogs… very often overlooking the conformation of their breeding dogs. And then there are kennels which don’t breed for the sake of money, which do know what and why they breed and which breed for the sake of both conformation and working skills of the breed. And that is us. CANE CORSO have lots of predisposition , you can approve them in so many ways. We believe that breeding should be realistic and results achievable. Thus, we put a lot of effort into breeding and importing dogs with excellent temperaments and of sound structure and good health history. We love strong bodies with good angulation, wide back- slightly climbing from the back to the front and with a strictly straight profile and correct heads with very strong square jaws. Of great importance are also the width and depth of the chest as well as the bone density. So, basically, it’s an intelligent dog with a very strong but harmonious look – that’s what we love!

We think that the Cane Corso is a working breed and our greatest interest is in maintaining working talents and skills of this breed. A true working dog will obey even if you whisper. I don’t like the usage of electric collars in training. A true working dog doesn’t need that same as good trainer/handler. All our puppies are family raised – this gives them a good start in life. But the long journey to obedience and a great dog is done by the owner. You can train pretty much any dog that was raised and bred properly. This doesn’t mean it will become a superb working dog. What I’ve come to realize is that it is easier to find a home able to handle low/medium-energy level dog than a high-energy dog. Out of the dogs returned, most of them were higher-energy, thus requiring more time and dedication from the owner. My goal is to breed a dog that will be an all-round good and manageable companion dog you can be active with. We also breed to preserve what the breed was intended for: guarding and protection. These two goals have to be carried out separately. Working lines have to be preserved and maintained – as there are fewer owners for such dogs. We do have dogs that will make real working dogs.